Setting Up Printers & Printing

Setting Up Your Printer Page Is Super Simple!  Let's Get Started!

Navigate your way to the Brigade Back Office and choose Printers on the left side of the screen .


Breaking Down The First Section For Printer Setup

Below you will see a breakdown of each of the headers for reference in the photo.
  1. Printer Icon: If you computer is connected to the network and your printer is hardwired to the Brigade Router this icon will be orange if the printer is up and running or grey if it is offline.
  2. Printer Name: This is where you will name the printer to reference it while assigning Sub Categories for item printing or for selecting it on the iPad for receipt printing. You can change the name of the printers at anytime.
  3. Double Height: Turn on larger font for individual printers. Printers like the kitchen printer often need larger font and here is where you make that happen.
  4. Printer Type: We support Epson Thermal and Impact as well as Star Thermal and Impact. Choose what type of printer you are setting up.
  5. Printer IP: Here is where you will set the static IP that was given to your printer that you are setting up. (Brigade can help with this)
  6. Printer Port: Printer Port is almost always 9100 unless you are using USB printers with Airport Express. Then it might be 9101/9102 or 9103.
  7. Add Printer Icon: This is what you will click on to add a new printer to your restaurant.
  8. Delete Printer Icon: This is where you will remove a printer that you no longer need.


Printer Receipt Options

  1. Show Suggested Tip Amount: Here you can turn on or off the suggested tip amount of your itemized and credit card receipts.  You can also set the desired percentage you want to show for each suggested tip amount.
  2. Enable Itemized Receipt Printing After Payment: Here you can turn on or off the itemized receipt that automatically prints after taking payment.
  3. Only Print Modifiers With Prices On Itemized Receipt:  Here you can choose to print modifiers that have prices on your itemized receipt or print every modifier even if it doesn't have a price.
  4. Display Tip Line On Credit Card Receipts:  Here you can remove the tip line from credit card receipts if you are mostly retail or have your tips included in your price.
  5. Receipt Headers & Footers: Customize the messages on your receipts to include your location, a thank you or to promote upcoming events.


  Printer Restrictions

  1. Select The Role: Select the role that needs to have the printing turned off for sent items.
  2. Select The Printer: Simply select the printer that you don't want that role to print items to.

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