Sales & Analytics


  Choosing Date & Time

Setting the Date & Time to generate the report that you want is easy.  First you want to navigate your way to Sales & Analytics in the Brigade Back Office.
  1. Choose the Times
  2. Choose the Date/Dates
  3. Choose Apply and then choose Refresh
  4. Note: 
    1. You can choose specific Users on this report to see just what she/he did for the reporting date & time.
    2. You can quickly choose Yesterday, Today, This Week, This Month, Last Month or a Custom Range.


  Sales Period Graph

 The Sales By Period Graph is a breakdown of sales to give you a brief overview of what your business is doing.
  1. You can click on each category to take it out of the graph or put that category in play.
  2. Choose when you want to look at this data.  Hour, Day, Week, Month, Quarter
  3. When you scroll over each graph you will get a breakdown of the sales for that period.


  Reconciliation Breakdown

1. Everything is separated in your Reconciliation Breakdown so you can easily see what your restaurant did overall.


  Payments Breakdown

1. Payments breaks down the different types of tender you have taken in.  In addition it lets you know which credit cards you have processed refunds on so you can take that total out of your monthly deposits and reconcile your bank statement.
Payments Breakdown

  Statistics Breakdown

  1.  Re-Opened Checks - This will indicate how many times you had to re-open checks.  This can be a valuable statistic when filtering out servers to understand why checks have to be re-opened.
  2. Guest Count - This is based off of seats chosen during ordering.  If you want an accurate guest count make sure your staff is using the seat numbers.
  3. Avg. Sale/Guest - This is based on seats and what the average sale is per guest over the time period pulled and the server filter.
  4. Check Average - This average is based on checks for the time period pulled and the server filter.
  5. Avg. Turn Time - This will represent the average of when a check was opened and when a check was closed.
  6. Avg. Turns/Table - This will represent how many times your staff was able to turn tables based on the time period pulled and the


  Service Staff Performance Breakdown

  1. Sales By Server - 
    1. Here you can filter Main Categories and look at the sales of your service staff with a breakdown.
  2. Discounts By Server - 
    1. Here you can filter your discounts and see which users are using which discounts.
  3. Voids By Server - 
    1. Here you can filter by Void Categories and see who uses which voids and the amount voided.
  4. Avg. Sale Per Cover By Server - 
    1. Sales per cover is a great way to breakdown the avg on sales per person that walks through your door.  This can help you understand who might need education in particular areas and assess the skills of your hospitality staff.
  5. Avg. Turn Time By Server - 
    1. Keep track of how long people stay at your restaurant by individuals staff.  This could help you understand who your guests feel comfortable with or that your staff isn't paying enough attention to your tables.  This can also help you plan your evening if you are a reservation based restaurant.
  6. Avg. CC Tip% By Server - 
    1. Get an idea of how well your staff is performing based on the gratuity they are receiving.

  1. Best Sellers - 
    1. Quickly look at your top sellers from your menu and how poor the poor performers are doing.
  2. Discounts By Item - 
    1. See what items are being discounted the most.
  3. Voids By Item - 
    1. See what items are being voided the most.

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