Creating & Applying Modifiers

Creating Modifiers with Brigade Society is really simple and give you flexibility in your menu.

Let's get started!

Log into the Brigade Back Office and navigate your way to Modifier Groups.

Choose from the top right of the screen Add New Group. This will prompt you to create a new Modifier Group.

Enter The Following

  1. Group Name  (Example: Burger Mods)
  2. Choose how this modifier can be used.
    1. Forced: One item on the modifier will have to be chosen before the item can be ordered.  (Example: Temperatures for grilled meat.)
    2. Multi-Select: You can choose as many options from this modifier group as you like. (Example: No Bun, Extra Tomato)
    3. Both: You can choose both to have the ability to force modifiers and choose more than one.
  3. Click Save when you are done.
Once your Modifier Group is created you will want to add the Modifiers to it.  This example is a Temperature Forced Modifier.

You Have The Following Options

  1. Add a new Modifier
  2. You can drag and drop the Modifier so it shows up on the iPad in the order you have it on the screen.
  3. You can edit a Modifier after it has been created.
  4. You can delete a Modifier
  5. You can also add a price to a Modifier as illustrated below.

Now that we have created Modifier Groups let's apply them to some menu items so we can use them.  Navigate your way to Menu Items and Edit Menu Item.  

  1. Choose Main Category 
  2. Choose Sub Category
  3. Select Edit on the item you want to apply the modifier group to.

  1. Click on a Modifier Group on the right and DRAG it to the left.
  2. NOTE: You can drag and drop Modifier Groups on the left so they will appear in that order when you order an item.  Forced Modifiers will always show up first but you can choose which order they show up in.
    1. You can order your Optional Modifiers as well and they will show up on the iPad in the order you have them on this screen.

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