Navigating To Promotions

  • Navigate your way to the tab Discount,Void,Promotions on the left side of the page in Brigade Back Office.


  Creating A Promotion

  • Once you are on the Discount, Void, and Promotions page you will want to add a promotion to get started.  Once you have added a promotion there are a few things you can do.
  1. Name The Promotion
  2. Set an On Min. Purchase Amount
    1. The promotion will only be applied if an item or the total of the check had reached this "minimum purchase".
  3. Set The Type Of Promotion
  4. Set The Amount Of Promotion
  5. Set The Date Range 
  6. Choose The Days, Start Time & End Time
  7. Add Multiple Durations To A Single Promotion
    1. promotion durations are explained below.


  Promotion Durations

  • Promotion durations are simply the days and the times that each promotion will take affect.  You can have multiple durations on each promotion but they can't overlap.
    • NOTE: Make sure to SAVE each duration after editing.  Because every change affects the iPad you can't make multiple changes and save the all at once.


  Applying Promotions

  • Navigate your way to Menu Items and choose the Edit button to the right of the price.

  • Here is the breakdown on how to add a promotion to an item.
  1. Choose a promotion from the drop down menu
  2. Choose if you want that promotion to apply to modifiers or not
  3. Click on the add promotion button
  4. That promotion will show up in Existing Promotions On Item
  5. NOTE: Apply to Modifiers is simply the promotion applying to modifiers that have prices.
    1. Example: You have a Vodka Martini on promotion for Tuesdays at $6.00.  You have modifiers for upcharges for different vodka and you DON'T want the promotion to discount your pricier items.  Simply leave the check box blank.

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