Menu Setup

Menu setup can be such a pain with most system.  With Brigade Society we have made menu setup...

  • Intuitive
  • Versatile
  • Fast

Let's get started!

Log into your back office  Navigate your way to Menu Items.

  Creating A Main Category

  • Your Main Category can be anything you want but typically is where you place  Food, Wine, Merchandise, etc.  
  • You want to set-up your Main Category as you would like to see it in your reporting.  
  • Below is an example of a traditional restaurant with typical Main Categories.  Choose the Add Button  to the right of the header and add  a Main Category to get started.  Type in the name and hit save.
  • NOTE* - Main Categories  can be organized by dragging and dropping them within the list.  They will show up on the iPad exactly how you have them on the screen.


  Creating A Sub Category

  • You will want to create a Sub Category under each Main Category.  Within each Sub Category you can set......
  • Tax rate - (You will setup your tax rates under General Setup click here to read how)
  • Where Items Will Print -  When you turn these printers on whatever Menu Items are in that Sub Category will print to those printers.  This is a great way to print different items to different printers in your kitchen or bar.
  • Name Of Sub
  • NOTE* - Sub Categories can be organized by dragging and dropping them within the list.  They will show up on the iPad exactly how you have them on the screen.


  • Next step is to build your Menu Items under each Sub Category.  Click on the Add Icon in the upper right hand side of the header.  Within Menu Items you will be able to.
  1. Name Your Menu Item
  2. Set The Item Price
  3. Provide A Description Of Your Item
  4. Apply Promotions To The Menu  (Click here to see Promotions)
  5. Apply Modifiers To The Menu Item (Click here to see Promotions)

  • Menu Items are in alphabetical order.
  • The Available Modifier Groups can be dragged and dropped from left to right.
  • You will have to create Modifier Groups before you can apply them to menu items.  
  • Modifiers can be organized and will show up on the iPad based on how they appear in Applied Modifier Groups.  Modifiers with the "F" next to them are Forced Modifiers and will be prioritized first before Optional Modifiers.


  Placing An Order

  • Once you have setup your Menu you are ready to place an order on the iPad.
  • Log into the iPad
  • Start a Tab
  • Choose Add Items To Order (If a table or tab already has items on it you will choose Menu from the top right of the Open Orders Screen.

  • Simply choose your Main Category, Sub Category, then Menu Item.  Don't forget to choose SEATS & COURSES!

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