Item Count & 86

In Brigade you are able to quickly and easily put in item counts and 86 items on the fly!  

Let's get started!


Setting Up Item Count

  • Navigate your way to the Open Orders Screen on the iPad.  Start a Tab/Table or choose an existing one.  
  • Go to the Menu Screen by choosing Menu or Add Items To Order.

  • Once you are in the Menu Screen touch the magnifying glass to the right of the Courses.

  • On the Search Screen you will see "More Options" with a little grey arrow.  You can slide this to the left or touch the arrow.

  • You will an "86" button.  Touch this to bring up the 86 pop up window.

  1. The zero indicates how many of this item is left if you hit the check mark.  Put in the desired amount of that Menu Item and choose the check mark.  Simple as 1,2,3.
  2. 86: To 86 the item simply LEAVE THE COUNT AT ZERO AND HIT THE CHECK MARK.  This will bring the count to zero and you won't be able to order it.
  3. Removing: To remove the Count or the 86 from an item simply touch the "Remove 86" button at the top.

  • Once the Count has been added to the item it will look like this on the Open Orders Screen.

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