Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Processing payments seems to be a point of misunderstanding, contention and out right greed, especially in the restaurant world.  This is not a blog article so I will just give you our philosophy and the who, what, & why for BRIGADE POS.


Brigade Society Processing

  • We are a sub ISO and process our own credit card payments.
    • We set our own rates and as former restaurateurs we make sure to get the lowest rates we can for your business. 
    • We handle the customer support and completely take care of you.
    • We don't have contracts to build trust that we are giving you the best rate possible.
    • We save our new clients on average $200 a month.  That is a lot of money no matter what business you operate.

Gateway Processing

  • You can use OTHER merchant services with our system through our integration with T-Gate & Ingenico.  There are a number of gateway services out there.  They are integrated with a lot of the Tier 1 processors.  
    • You can use T-Gate to process with.....
      • TSYS
      • Chase Paymentech
      • First Data North
      • Heartland
      • Global Payments
      • Other (A few others with restrictions)
    • There is a fee to use this gateway each month with us and it's 29.95.  You are not charged this fee if you use Brigade for your processing.
  • Let us give you a quote or try and save you some money.  If you just don't want to use us......that is completely fine we will just get you setup with our Gateway.

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