With Brigade you can reprint an itemized receipt for a customer or a credit card receipt with just a few simple steps.


Reprinting Itemized Receipts

  • If you have the permission to reprint an itemized receipt it's as easy as navigating your way to the Open Orders Screen and touching the print icon.

  • If you don't have permission you will need to enter the 4 digit pin code of someone that does.  If you need to turn on the permissions click here to see how.

Reprinting Credit Card Receipts

  • If you lose or destroy a credit card receipt don't worry.  You can easily reprint it from the Checkout screen on the iPad.
  • Simply navigate your way to the Check that the payment was taken on.  Go to the Checkout screen.  On the right of the payment you will see a little grey arrow.  Press that or slide it to the left to show Void & Reprint.  If you have permission you can easily reprint your credit card receipt.
  • NOTE: If you have already closed the check you will need to reopen the check in Sales Journal in the Brigade Backoffice.  Click here to see how to do that.


Print All Function

  • If you need to print split checks all at once you can accomplish this in the Split Screen.  Navigate your way to the Split Screen and choose Print All.
    • You can also print individual checks from the Split Screen.

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