What To Know For Credit Card Swipers

The credit card swiper isn't all that difficult of a beast to understand.  This article will give you a good understanding of what you need to know.

Let's Get Started!

Installing The Credit Card Reader

Depending on what case you have purchased there will be two ways to install your credit card swiper.
Heckler Stands
  • You have one of two stands if you ordered from us.  This is the Windfall Stand.  The iDynamo will plug into the power port on the iPad.  You will need the brace that the iDynamo comes with for the iPad Air 2

  • Put the iPad Air 2 brace on the iDynamo Swiper after you have fully charged the swiper. (See below for charging instructions)

  • This is how the stand should look after the swiper installation.  YOU WANT THE BRACE UNDER THE METAL!

  • Do that exact same procedure for the Heckler Wall Frame.
Vault Stands
  • The Vault stand is an all encompassing enclosure.  You won't be able to take the credit card reader out once you have installed it unless you take the stand apart.  NOTE: Fully charge the swiper before installation!

  • These stand have a lot of add ons.  
    • Swivel Base
    • Wall Mount Bracket with Arm
    • Wall Mount Bracket Extendable
    • 6, 9, 12 inch Custom Height Pole Mount
    • Freestanding Pedestal
    • 45 Degree Stand For Countertop
Charging The Swipers
  • Charging the iPads through the swiper is easy.  It's important to NOTE: You must charge the swiper fully before installing it on the iPad.
  • Once you have fully charged the swiper simply install it on the iPad with the directions above.
  • You can charge the iPad through the swiper once it is plugged into the iPad.
  • Simply plug the micro USB cable into the back of the Magtek and the Usb end into the charging block that came with your iPad.
    • NOTE: It's important to use the 10 Volt block and nothing less.  If you use something less you will not charge the iPad efficiently.  
    • NOTE:  You have to have a special micro USB cable with a FERRITE CORE or you won't be able to charge correctly.

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