It's Not Printing

There are many reasons why your printer/printers are not printing.  We are going to cover the most common.  Anything beyond this and you should give us a call so we can help you get to the bottom of it.


Printing Network: iPad isn't connected to the same network as the printers.

  • If the iPad isn't on the same network as the printers then communication will not work and you will get printing errors.  Here are somethings to check....
    • Did the iPad WiFi change without you knowing it?  If it did jump onto another network you will want to "forget network" so this doesn't happen in the middle of service.

  • MAKE SURE THE IPAD IS CONNECTED TO BRIGADE SOCIETY or the Wireless Network you are using to run the POS.


Printing Network: Printers Are Not Connected To The POS Network.

  • If the printers are not connected to the correct network then you will have the same problem of the printers communicating with the iPads.  Here are some ways the printers can't communicate.....
    • The cable is unplugged or not plugged in tight enough.  The cat5 cable the runs from the Router or Airport Express to the printer must be plugged in tight.  You should see at least a green light on both the Router and the back of the printer when they are communicating with each other.
    • The IP address of the printer doesn't match the IP address of the Network.  Think of the IP address as a pathway.  The printer needs an IP address that is similar to the Network or they can't talk.
      • For example.  If the Router has a default gateway IP address of then the printer will have to have an IP address of 192.168.2.XXX.  The last three digits can be anything from 2 - 255.  If you need to know how to find or setup your IP address you can click here for Epson or here for Star.
      • NOTE: If you printer was setup and has been working this is most likely not your problem.  This often occurs during initial setup of the POS system.

Printing Network: Airport Express Not On The Same Network.

  • If you are using an Airport Express for wireless printing you have to make sure that the airport express is on the same network as the router.  Just like the example I gave above the airport as to be on the same network as the iPads and communicating with the router.  Here is an article that shows you how to set up that up.
    • NOTE: The IP address of the printer and the Airport can't be the same.  Also the IP address that goes in the Brigade Backoffice is the printers and not the Airport Express.
    • Choose the type of printer you have, make sure the Printer IP address is in with a port of 9100.  
    • NOTE: Sometimes the port will change if you have a power outage.  This is rare and I urge you to do all other trouble shooting before changing this.
      • Other ports: 9101 - 9102- 9103 - 9104

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