How To Use Modifiers

If you haven't created Modifier Groups you will want to see the article  How To Create Modifiers .  If you have done this already let's show you how to use them on the iPad.
Log into the iPad with your 4 digit number.  Once in the iPad you will need to start a Tab or select a Table.

Once you have a Tab or Table created you will want to choose Add Items To Order.

Next you will want to choose a Menu Item.

  1. Choose Main Category
  2. Choose Sub Category
  3. Choose Item

Forced Modifiers & Optional Moodifiers

When you choose a Menu Item that has a Forced Modifier it will make choosing a Modifier mandatory.

  1. The Forced Modifier is a mod that you will use if you want your User to choose a modifier that is mandatory for a Menu Item.
    1. For ex. Menu Item - Steak - Forced Modifier - Medium Rare
  2. The Optional Modifier will not require you to choose and you may choose more than one.
    1. NOTE: If you don't have an Forced Modifier you can access the Optional Modifier by simply touching the Menu Item that you just ordered.

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