How To Re-Open A Check

Re-Opening A Check On The iPad

Punch in your 4 digit pin code on the iPad.

Navigate your way to the Digital Time Sheet page on the iPad. 
Note: You can only use the Manager Tools on this page if you have permission.

Once in the Digital Time Sheet simply click on the ReOpen Table Button.

A list of all Tables/Checks will show up. Make sure to scroll down to Closed Checks. Choose the check you want and click/finger tap it.

Once you have selected a Table/Tab simply confirm that you want to re-open that one and you are done.  That Table/Tab will now show up under the server/user that closed it originally.

You can also re-open checks from the  Brigade Back Office we show you how below!

Navigate your way to Transactions in Brigade Back Office.

Then navigate your way to a digital time sheet. Note: You must be an admin or manager with permissions to use this feature!
Once in the Transactions we need to navigate what check you need to Re-Open.  
  1. Make sure the Date & Time that the check was closed is correct.  You can also filter by Employee if you know who closed the check on accident.  
  2. Once your Filters are set you can scroll through the checks and HOVER over CLOSED.  You will notice that CLOSED changes to         RE-OPEN click on RE-OPEN and the check will appear on the iPad under the server that closed it.

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