Table Setup

Setting up your table layout is as simple as numbering a table and dragging it onto your floor layout.

Let's get started!!

Navigate your way to Brigade Back Office/Setting/Table Layout.
Once you have created a room you will want to add tables to it.  Simply drag and drop a shape from the Table Choices area to the layout.
After you have your table on your layout there are a few options:
  • You can resize the Table by dragging the ping tab on the corner.  If you hold Shift the table will remain it's original shape.  If you don't you can make the shape anything you want.

Once you have your table the size you want it you have even more options. Simply left click on the table to display some options:
  • Duplicate Table - This allows you to have the tables the same size. (Good for bar stools etc.)
  • Edit Table Name - You can change the table name anytime. (You can have tables without names FYI)
  • Trash the Table - Need to trash your creation simply do this.

Once you have your tables organized or before you set your tables you can build out your restaurant with non-table objects or restaurant objects like walls, bar top, kitchen, plants etc. Simply drag and drop items from the Room Objects section of the page to your layout.
  • Note:  You don't have to name your Room Objects

Last, you'll want to organize what shows up on the iPad in what order. Simply click and hold on the bracket lines left of the name of the room.
Note: What ever room the server logged in leaves it on that is how it will stay for that server/bartender until they swipe for another room layout.

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