Labor Reports

Brigade Society POS handles labor tracking simply and easily once you know how to use the system.

Let's get started!

Navigate your way to the Brigade Back Office and choose Labor .

Incomplete Shifts

If an employee forgets to clock out they will be automatically clocked out at the close of the restaurant.  You can set your restaurant closing time in  Restaurant Setup.  From here you can:
  1.  Edit clock in & out time
  2. Adjust cash tips/claimed tips
  3. This is the time adjustment window.  You can click up and down for precise time or you can click on the actual number to choose times in increments of 5 minutes.  Just click on the AM/PM to change it.
  4. Click save to solidify the adjustment and send the shift to the labor reporting.
  5. Note: These shifts will not show up in regular labor reporting unless saved from Incomplete Shifts.

Dissecting Shift/Labor Report

Below I will dissect what everything is on a typical shift report:
  1. Add shift button allows you to create a new shift if someone forgets to clock in that day or you hired someone and didn't have them in the system.
  2. The Date & Time filter is critical so you have the correct shifts to look at.  You can also filter by Employee to just see that users hours and information.
  3. Here is the Total of the Cash Tips, Credit Tips, & Hours for the Role.  If you have a Role of server, you will see the total for all of your users with the Role of server.
  4. This indicates which Role these users are under.  If you want to learn more about Roles click here.
  5. Here you can trash or delete a shift as long as that shift is not associated with orders/checks.  Notice that one trash is grey and the other is black.  This indicates one shift has orders/checks.
  6. Here you will find the total of the tips claimed and you can adjust tips claimed by clicking on the blue dollar amount.
  7. Edit Shift is a record of the edits made to that shift.  It will display original time, edited time, who edited the shift, & when they edited the shift.  This is visible on the iPad as well.

Exporting Labor

To Export any reports visit  Reports.

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