Shift Reports

We rethought how a server checkout report needs to read.  No more ten foot long print outs that nobody reads.  Below we will explain what our shift report entails.  

Let's get started!

Navigate your way to the Open Orders Screen and push the Digital Time Card button in the top right of the screen.  You can only access this feature under the 4 digit number it is associated with.

You can run a Shift Report at anytime during a shift.  To get an accurate Shift Report make sure that all credit card tips, cash tips and tables are closed.

Below I will break down what each line of the Shift Report means:
  1. Voids & Discounts - The column on the right is simply the amount of voids or discounts applied.  The column on the left is the amount in total.  This is a good checks and balances system to make sure someone didn't steal your code to apply discounts and voids.
  2. Additional Tip on Autograt - Often in my restaurant my servers wouldn't tell a table that Gratuity was included.  This will allow the manager to see if a gratuity was applied on top of an Autograt.  It may be a legitimate extra tip but if the additional amount is close to 18 or 20 percent it is likely that the server didn't tell your table and you are going to charge them twice. Tip % of Pre-Discounted Sales - This is a great check to make sure a tip wasn't entered incorrectly or that all the tips were entered.  If this is consistently lower or higher than your other servers it can give you a little insight into the server's performance.
  3. Pre-Discounted Sales - This is the total of sales Pre-Discounted.  Because discounts don't omit sales this is the number you get.  You can subtract this number from your total discounts above if you want to know that number.
  4. Cash Collected - This is the total amount of cash your server should have on hand not including cash tips.  
  5. Number of Credit Card Receipts - This is a good count to make sure that all the credit card slips are accounted for.  Technically without one of these the transaction can't be defended if someone claims they didn't eat at your restaurant.
  6. Tips - This will indicate the total amount of tips a server is claiming "cash tips" and the total amount of "credit card tips".  Depending on how you pay your servers you will do different things with this information.
  7. Cash Owed To House or Cash Owed To Server - This number will indicate how much money is owed to the restaurant or the server by taking the credit card tips and subtracting them from the cash collected.  If you don't pay your servers cash at the end of each shift this feature will likely be ignored.
  8.  Service Charges/Autograt - This is a SEPARATE number from all of the tips.  Because so many places choose to treat Autograt differently....this number is just telling you how much in Autograt was collected.  Paying this number out WILL affect your Cash Owed To House and your cash drop for that server.  If you pay out Autograt simply deduct that number from Cash Owed To House or add it to Cash Owed To Server.

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