Setting Static IP For Epson Thermal & Impact

Welcome to the wonderful world of setting up Epson printers.  They are work horses and very reliable but not the most user friendly to get started.

Enable DHCP/Static IP for an Epson Thermal & Impact

Important: Setting up DHCP can be quite complicated, if you have a network administrator or a friendly IT guy see if they are willing to help.  

* if you bought the printer from us it will already have the IP configured and you can skip this step.

If you have received your Epson from a supplier and it is set to factory defaults, you may need to enable DHCP so that it works correctly on your network. To do this follow the steps below:
Plug the Epson in and connect it to your computer via ethernet cable/Cat 5.  You will need a computer with an ethernet port or some adapter to use ethernet.
If you have a PC click  here to learn how to change your computer's IP.
If you have a MAC click  here to learn how to change your computer's IP.
To access the printer set-up screen, you will need to change your computer's IP address temporarily. It is important to note down your current settings before changing anything; you will need to change this back at the end of the set-up process.
To know what to change your computer IP to, you must first find the IP of the printer.
  • On the back of the printer there is a little greyish white button next to the ethernet jack.  Press this button while the printer is turned on and hold the button down until the printer prints.
  • On this receipt you will see the current IP address of the printer.

  • You should get a receipt that looks like this:

You will have to change your computers IP to talk with the printer.  From this receipt you would change your printer's IP to:

  • The three xxx can be any number except 157 which is the IP of the printer or 254 which is the IP of the Default Gateway.


  • Your printer IP is and your default gateway is  
  • You would want your computer to have an IP address of or anything but 168 or 1.
  • Save the new settings BUT MAKE SURE YOU RECORD YOUR ORIGINALS. You will have to change these back when we are finished.
In your Internet browser, navigate to This will open the Printer Setup 
  • Under the configuration menu, select TCP/IP

Here is what you will have to change:

  1. Change "Get IP Address" to Manuel
  2. Change the IP address what you need it to be but it has to match the IP of the router with a different number for the last three digits.
  3. Change the Default Gateway IP to your router's base IP.  Notice how the IP address and the Default Gateway are almost the same except the last set of numbers.  

  • Reset your computer's IP address back to its original settings. To do this, follow step 2 again, but use the original settings you noted down. This will enable your computer to connect to the your network again.
  • Plug your printer back into the Brigade Router instead of into your computer.

Lets try out your printer:

Push that little grey/white/red button on the back of your printer next to the ethernet jack.  When the paper prints out make sure the IP address is what you wanted to change it to.  If all is set correctly you should be on your way to success.

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