I Can't Print Receipts/Orders Not Printing

If you are having trouble printing sometimes DON'T WORRY there are just a few things that will stop the presses! Let's Get Started.

Printer Sending Error
  • If you are getting This sent order has not been confirmed as being printed.  Please verify receiving printers (s) before selecting to send again.  There are a few things that can cause this and I will address all of them below.
    • iPad Network - If you iPad is connected to the wrong wireless network your printing will stop working.
    • Printer is Offline - If your printers is out of paper, turned off, disconnected, roasting in the oven you will get this message.
    • Router is Offline - If your router is down because it's unplugged, lost power or rebooting you will get this message.
    • Airport is Offline - If you airport went from green to orange, if it's unplugged you will get this message.

iPad Network
  • THE most common reason you are getting the Printer Error message is because the iPad is not connected the Brigade Society WiFi network.  
    • Navigate your way to the settingings screen on the iPad.
    • Make sure that the Brigade Network is chosen.  If you are not using the Brigade Network make sure you know from someone what your Network is called and connect to that.
    • The reason it might jump off this Network and onto another is an iOS setting.  The iPad remembers Networks you have joined in the past.  You have to forget these Networks so the iPad won't automatically join them while you are in the middle of service.  Simply touch the "i" next to the name of the network.
    • This will bring you to the details of that WiFi Network.  Simply choose "Forget Network".  MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE YOUR NETWORK AFTER AND RUN A TEST PRINT.
  • This should ensure that your iPads will not jump networks while you are in the middle of service.
Printer Offline
  • The second step we can take in diagnosing your Printer Error is to make sure the printer is online and communicating with the network.
    • Make sure your printer is turned on and has paper.  Also make sure the paper is facing the right way.
      • If the paper is printing blank you have it in backwards. 
    • Make sure the Cat5 cable is plugged in and at least one of the two lights is on.  If they both are on that is ok also.

  • Try unplugging the printer for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in.
Router Offline
  • If your router is unplugged, or if you just lost power you should check to see if everything came back up ok.

  1. This is the power.  If it is green you should be good to go.  
  2. This is your WAN connection.  If you are using your house internet through our router and your internet is working this should be blue.
  3. This is the Verizon signal.  This should be blud.  If it's orange or not on there is an issue.
  4. This is the signal strength of the LTE.  There should be 4 blue bars.
Airport Offline
  • If you are using wireless printing through and Apple Airport Express there are a couple things to check for.
    • Make sure the light on the Airport is green.  If it is and still not working follow the instructions below.
    • If the light is orange please follow the instructions below.
      • Unplug the Airport for 30 seconds and plug it back in.  This usually fixes outages with Airports.  Wait for the light to go green and you should be in business.
    • Make sure you have the Cat 5 Cable plugged into the correct port on the back of the Airport.  Your ethernet printer should be plugged into port 1. on the diagram.
      • Port 2 is used if you have a USB interface printer.  

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