Clocking Out/End Of Shift

Preparing for the end of your day, editing tips, printing shift reports and eventually clocking out is very simple.

Let's get started!

Navigate your way to the Open Orders Screen and touch on the Digital Time Card button at the top right of the screen.

I'm going to break down this page a little before we proceed:
  1. Entering Credit Card Tips - This is where you will enter your credit card tips click here to see how exactly.
  2. Entering Cash Tips/Claiming Tips - This is where you will claim your tips or enter your cash tips depending on how your restaurant does tip outs.
  3. Date Picker - You can see all of your restaurant times as this is your digital time card.  Here just choose the date range.
  4. Print Shift Report - This is where you will print your Shift Report at the end of your shift.  Click here for what a Shift Report entails.
  5. Clock Out - Here is where you clock out when you are ready to go home.  YOU CAN'T PRINT YOUR SHIFT REPORT ONCE YOU HAVE CLOCKED OUT.
  6. Shift Edits - Here you can see if your shift has been adjusted.  You can see your original time, edited time, who edited it, and when it was edited.

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