Setting Up Cradlepoint Router

Out of the box you are ready to go.  You will just complete a few things.

Take the router out of the box. Put on the antennas in MAIN & AUX. It should look like the photo below.

Your router comes pre-configured with an IP address of  

Your network that you want ONLY your iPad's connected to will be: 

  • Brigade Society
    • Use this setting if your router is not directly in proximity of the iPad.  This network has a longer reach.
  • Brigade Society 5G
    • Use this setting ONLY if your iPad is in direct proximity of the router.  This has a short reach but better connection.

* your password will be provided for you during sign-up.

If your printers are going to be wired directly into the router please use Ethernet Ports 1,2,3 & 4.

There are a few ways to set up your restaurant with the Cradlepoint Router.  Keep in mind that you want the Router to have access to the iPad.  Don't lock it away in the office.  If you have to use Access Points to extend your network that is no problem.  If you choose to use Access Points you will want to use your house internet as the main source and the LTE 4G as the backup. 
  • You can hardwire (Ethernet/Cat5) the printers directly into  a switch and connect the switch to the Cradlepoint Router.

  • You can hardwire your printers directly into the Cradlepoint Router if you have 4 or less printers.

  • You can setup your printers with Airport Express to print wirelessly.

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