Setting Up The Cash Drawer

Depending on the Printer you choose and the Cash Drawer you choose there are a few ways to set them up.

If you chose an APG cash drawer it should have come with a cable that is compatible with Star & Epson Thermal Printers. You will want to plug the end that states "To Printer" into the printer and the other end into the APG Cash Drawer.
  • APG Cash Drawer MultiPRO Printer Cable CD-014A Drawer 1 for Epson TM & Star TSP/SP Printers (This is the cable's name)


If your purchased a Heckler Cash Drawer it will come with two cables.  One for Epson Thermal and a different one for Star Thermal.  If your drawer is not opening please check the cable.  The same instructions apply for the APG.  Plug the "To Printer" end into the printer and the other end into the bottom of the Heckler Cash Drawer. 

A few reasons your drawer might not be opening:
  1. The wrong end of the cable is plugged into the printer or the cash drawer.
  2. You have an old cash drawer that is not compatible with either of the two drawers mentioned.
  3. You have the wrong cable for the printer you are using.  * a phone cable may fit but DOESN'T WORK with the DK feature on the printers.

Please contact if you have further questions about the DK function.

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