Setting Up Airport Express For Printing

Setting up an Airport Express for wireless printing is done in a few simple steps.

Plug the Airport Express into the wall after taking it out of the package.

Open Airport Utility, which comes on a Mac but will need to be downloaded for a PC, and click on Other Wi-Fi Devices.  

Once you choose the device you want to edit inside the Other Wi-Fi Devices you will see the screen below.  Choose the Other Options at the bottom left.  

Choose Add To An Existing Network from the list and hit Next. 

Choose the Brigade Network from the list of choices and hit Next. 

Name the Airport based on the location of the printer it will be plugged into.  Set a password that you can remember to access the Airport's setting again.

Click on Done when you see Setup Complete.  

Click on the Airport Express Icon and choose Edit on the lower left to setup the static IP address. 

Choose Internet on the top, then change DHCP to Static.  Set the IP address under IPv4 Address.  The first three sets of number have to match the Router Address  The last three digits you set are up to you.  This IP address will be the same one you put into Brigade's Back Office under Printer Settings.  Set the DNS Servers to  When finished choose Update from the bottom right.
  • Note: This address can't be the same as the printer IP address if the Thermal Printer or Impact Printer is Ethernet Interface.

Your Airport Express is all setup and ready to be plugged into your printer.  Make sure you put the static IP address you just entered into the back office as shown below. 
  1. Settings
  2. Printers
  3. Add Printer
  4. Name The Printer Same As Airport Name
  5. Choose What Kind Of Printer
  6. Enter The IP Address Set During Setup
  7. Enter Port 9100

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