Setting Static IP For Star Thermal & Impact

* Accessing the printer through telnet will require a computer.  If you are using a PC computer you will need to enable Telnet.
Power the receipt printer off, hold down the Feed button and while continuing to hold the Feed button, power the printer back on. Continue holding the Feed button until the printer begins printing a test receipt. The second receipt printed during this test will contain the Network Configuration of the printer, which will include the IP address.

Your goal here is to:

  • Set the IP address to match the network set by your Gateway (Router)  Ex. Brigade Router =   The printer should have an IP address of  Usually I set them at 200, 201, 203 etc.
  • You need to make sure the Gateway (Brigade Router) is set to
  • Your SubnetMask should always be
  • Your DHCP and APIPA are not relevant here so leave them as they are.

Before you get started on the next step.  Please make sure your computer is on the same network as your printer or you won't be able to communicate with it.  If you are using the Brigade Router just make sure the printer is plugged into the router and your are wirelessly connected to the Brigade Router with the computer you are using.
  • Open a command prompt (Terminal in Mac OS, and Command Prompt in Windows) and type in telnet <ipaddress> (substitute <ipaddress> with the actual IP address that you retrieved from the print test):

You will be brought to a login prompt. The default login is  root. Press enter and you will be prompted to enter a password.  The default password is  public.
  • Select option 1, IP Parameters Configuration (type 1 and then press enter).

  • From the IP Parameters Configuration menu, select option 1, Static.
  • Enter the static IP address that you would like to use. NOTE: DON'T USE THIS IP ADDRESS.  THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE.  Make sure to set your Default Gateway to the Brigade Router IP or Your Internal Router if not using Brigade's Network.  The Subnet Mask should be as a default for most networks.  If the printer is plugged into the Brigade Router it will automatically set your Default Gateway and your Subnet Mask correctly.
  • Select option 99 to navigate back through the menu system until you reach the main menu, and then select option 98 to Save and Restart the device.
  • From the Save and Restart menu, select option 2, Save & Restart.

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