Creating Users

Now that you have created Roles you can create users in your system!  If you have not created Roles yet please see the article Creating Roles.  

Log into your backoffice.  ( and navigate your way to Settings & User Management just like when you set up Roles.
Scroll down to view Active Users and click on Add User Icon in the upper right hand corner of Active Users.
  1. Add the user's First Name
  2. Add the user's Last Name
  3. Add the user's Initials (note: you can only use a set of initials once)
  4. The user name is used to identify the user in reports and for the log in to the backoffice.  
  5. This is where you set the 4 digit pin to access the system via the iPad and the code for the Back Office
  6. This is where you assign a role to the

You can change these fields as you need to in the future by choosing any of the fields and replacing the information in the popup box.

Once you have your Users created they can use the system!  Let us know if you have any questions.

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